♫Oh By Ganache, By Golly!♫

It’s (almost) time for mistletoe and holly…

Who knew that combining two simple pantry staples would bring so much joy? Ganache is a simple, versatile addition to many goodies. By playing with the ingredient ratios, one can produce a multitude of variations based on one’s project. For hot chocolate, 1:1. For cake fillings, a 1:2 ratio is used. Adding butter will bring a mirror-like shine when poured over a dessert. Whipping it makes it light and fluffy, making for a great cake frosting.

The recipe I used today is from the Joy of Cooking 75th Anniversary Edition. It is a fairly simple one with the right basic tools. You can find the recipe here!

Lets talk about the ingredients. They’re all really easy to find at your local grocery store. Are you ready for it? 1c heavy cream and 8oz. bitter/semi-sweet chocolate. Yes, that’s IT! You can certainly use name brand or off-brand products to create this and you’ll get a delicious result. However, sometimes you get what you pay for. If I recommend one thing here, I recommend you invest in good chocolate for this. This batch will make plenty of ganache, so you don’t have to worry about getting mileage out the recipe. The flavor will be unparalleled. You’ll thank me later.

In absence of my favorite baking chocolate, I used Nestlé Toll House Semisweet Baking Bars. Nestlé Toll House is a great classic brand and my ganache turned out smooth and decadent. No complaints here. I would also recommend Belgian brand Côte d’Or which can generally be found at World Market (except for the day I went looking. I found out later, a man had come earlier that day and cleared the shelf!) World Market is currently running a 15% off your entire purchase promotion right now for Rewards Members so you can stock up!

Honestly, this recipe is entirely customizable. If you don’t like bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, you can use milk chocolate (the Mr’s favorite) or even white. Or if you’re especially daring, you can go with dark chocolate. You’ll have to let me know how that goes though. I love some good 80%, but this semisweet ganache was satisfying enough for me.

The batch is good in the fridge for 10 days or frozen for up to three months undisturbed. Because it is so rich, a little cup will satisfy you. My batch is plenty for the whole crowd for Christmas day hot chocolate!

What is your favorite chocolate flavor?


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