Néktər of the gods!

I have the most amazing dentist. He’s in not a “budget” dentist, but Dr. Crumpton always makes me feel at ease and “ok” about having to go see him. I used to be anxiety-ridden about going to the dentist and I’ve had some pretty un-fun dental issues in the past, but he’s completely changed the way I view going to the dentist. And I’ve gotten compliments on my teeth! That said, the only downside is that he is about 45min away from me.

He’s so worth the drive, but what makes the drive even sweeter (pun intended) is that I can stop at my “local” Néktər Juice Bar in Southlake on the way home! I rarely feel like eating anything right after getting dental work done (even a cleaning), so I go for something a little substantial like their Tropical Cooler with a “boost” of pea protein or their Health Nut with almond butter.

This time I got the Health Nut with almond butter and added in coconut butter too for a little decadence! The Health nut (with almond butter) is “almond butter with banana, housemade cashew milk, pea protein, and agave nectar blended with ice. There’s also an option to add a little cacao for a healthier “chunky monkey ice cream” effect. For those who don’t know, coconut butter is a creamy, spreadable condiment similar to other nut butters. It contains the meat along with the oil of the coconuts to make one delicious treat to sub in the place of peanut or almond butters.

One day, when I have a massive kitchen for all the toys I want, I have my eye on the Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender or the Cuisinart Juice Extractor to make my own smoothies when I can’t make a trip to my nearest Néktər. Until then, I will enjoy working my way around the menu every few months or so…

What is one of your favorite places to drop in when you’re out of your usual “neighborhood”?


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