Comfort Food for the Heart and Soul

We’ve been going through something in our personal lives lately so healthy food has definitely taken a back seat. I attempted to make a salad last night for dinner, but if you follow me on Instagram you know how well that turned out (or didn’t). I ended up hitting Chick-fil-A later for a strawberry milkshake….

An Affair with Oven-Barbecued Chicken

Today is Cary Grant’s birthday. I clearly recall one of the first (and most impressionable) films I ever saw him in was “An Affair to Remember.” It was a stunning remake with him starring alongside the lovely Deborah Kerr. Every time I watch it, I know exactly what happens… yet, I fall in love every….

Return from the Break

Welcome back to the Roaring Twenties, my friends!! I bet you all thought I had abandoned you/this blog. I didn’t. First it was that I was busier than anticipated after vacation and then I was dealing with some health challenges and then I was working on some personal projects which I may share here in…