Sweet? Rosemary? Are you Kidding?

As mentioned previously, I help out frequently at Ladies Nights at church for Nana Mary.  The last time I was helping, we were talking about my cooking and my using rosemary in just about everything and she mentioned a recipe she’d seen online throwing a new twist on sugar cookies: Rosemary Sugar Cookies.  I searched and searched online for this recipe to no avail.  Until, I came across a recipe for Lemon-Basil Sugar cookies, I thought  I could simply substitute my fresh rosemary for the lemon-basil.  I was right but the recipe, I am sad to say, needed “tweaking.”

I mixed the ingredients as directed, cooled the batter as directed and even tried to shape the batter as directed.  I started getting skeptical towards the end as the baking cookies were releasing the most heavy, delicious rosemary fragrance.  That’s not a normal flavor in sweet food.  I’m fairly certain I followed it correctly, but as baking is more of a science than cooking, who knows?  I like the outcome, but will use less flour next time.  As it stood, the batter wouldn’t stick together (so I definitely didn’t try to roll them out & cut shapes) and the sugar wouldn’t adhere to the outer surface, so I scrambled some egg yolks and rolled the batter balls in sugar after dunking them in the eggs.  I have to admit though, they were a pleasant treat.

Recipe: http://cfwhitney.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/lemon-basil-sugar-cookies/


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