Cafe Olé!

I love a good cup of coffee…

While down in Honduras on vacation, I picked up some Café Copan coffee.  I couldn’t resist.  How do you visit a foreign country without partaking in some of its local flavor?  My coffee came vacuum sealed to retain freshness and also packaged in a cute burlap sack.  I wanted to try it as soon as we got home, but we already had some other brand’s Thanksgiving blend open.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally the last bean of coffee was used and we got to open our souvenir!

The mild aroma beckoned us from every room of the house.  Though it is a dark roast, the coffee is smooth, less acidic, and less assertive than we typically drink.  That’s not such a bad thing.  It was nice to enjoy a relaxing mug, take a break, take a breath.  Like a siesta in a cup.  It’s pleasant flavor is favorable for coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike.

I paid about $10 south of the border for mine, but you can pick some up here on Amazon for around $14-$20.  Still not a bad deal for wonderful Honduran coffee!

What are some of your favorite souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels?


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