I’m All Shuka Up

It was breakfast(ish) for dinner last at the Smith Haus. Shakshuka is a dish that originated in North Africa and has been winding it’s way westward across menus Stateside. The basic idea is that eggs are poached (instead of fried) in a skillet in a fragrant tomato sauce. It’s served bubbling hot right out of the oven.

Other, more complicated, incarnations exist for this dish; but I found this simplified version in an old copy of Food Network Magazine. I accidentally set the yolks (we like them runny in my house), but it was still vibrant and delicious. The addition of extra cilantro on top added a bright, unexpected zip among the rich, hearty tomato base. Every bite is a flavor bomb on the palate, leaving you completely satiated, distracting you from the fact that there’s no meat starring in this meal.

Each serving is accompanied with torn, warm pita bread for dipping and sopping up all that slightly spicy tomato sauce. While Shakshuka is great on it’s own and as a plus is vegetarian and dairy free; it would also be amazing dotted with fresh, local goat cheese or a dollop of full-fat sour cream.

This recipe was so easy to throw together in my trusty Lodge cast iron skillet (I think I’m having a moment with my newly reseasoned cast iron lately…) and fairly easy on the calories too so it’s as perfect for a weeknight dinner as it would be for a weekend brunch!

What is your favorite brunch dish that you keep going back to time-and-time-again?


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