Salsa for a Señora

A certain zesty girlfriend of mine recently had a birthday and that girl loves her some fruit salsa. Anytime I run across a yummy looking recipe for fruit salsa; I tag it for later when we have a girls night in, when I’m bringing her a treat, or when (in this case) she has a birthday. Turning another year older is always made easier when you have a tiny fiesta awaiting you in a cute, little mason jar!

This recipe from Betty Crocker takes a hard pass on the traditional tomato-base and instead takes a little turn for the sassy but focusing heavily on tropical fruit. Staying true to my practice of making a little extra for us, it went perfectly with my Green Chili-Shrimp Quesadillas (original recipe to come tomorrow)!

It’s best to use fresh fruit when available. You can use frozen if you are unable to find fresh out-of-season, but you’ll have to someway compensate for the extra moisture you’ll encounter when the fruit thaws. Canned is also a possibility, but I would avoid ones soaked in syrup. The recent varieties using fruit juices or coconut water are advised if going that route.

The result was a bright, juicy party in a bowl! The flavors married together very well in a short amount of time and neither took precedence over the other. Everything was balanced well and while I thought it might need salt and pepper during prep, it needed neither. The right amount of acid and sweetness are present to compensate for the lack of salt & pepper. When making this, I would recommend doubling the cilantro and drizzling a scant tbsp of olive oil over top. Also, if you want more heat, add another jalapeño or fold in the seeds along with your chopped jalapeño. If you really wanna light it up, swap the jalapeño out with a scotch bonnet or habañero, but don’t blame me for the results!

What is your favorite kind of salsa?


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