Thank you, Dr. King

How do you begin to thank a man who has done so much for your country? Words are not enough and his generous life was cut short by someone foolish enough not to see his incredible value to humanity. I will not be able to express my gratitude for his contribution to my country until I see him on the other side, but I have been recently inspired to make his book Strength to Love my next to study. For now I rejoice that many are able to take a step back from his/her day-to-day and reflect on his gift to us.

Today, I was able to enjoy a sweet time of fellowship with a girlfriend who I don’t get to see very often because our busy lives keep us preoccupied. When we met however, it was as if time hadn’t really passed, but was enriched. We met at a small, but good burger place in downtown Midlothian, TX called Branded Burger. When you walk in, the old pickup and license plate decor reminds you that you aren’t somewhere fancy. You’re “down home” and though the menu is small, the portions are big and messy and delicious!

I enjoyed the Smokey Bull with all the fixins. How can you go wrong with grilled onions, bacon, and cheese on a burger bathed in barbecue sauce and capped of with a toasty bun? I haven’t been eating too much bread lately, but when you’re in a classic burger joint, you don’t diet. As a matter of fact, there’s nary a salad on the limited, but flavor-loaded menu (unless you count the fried green beans).

We spent a couple hours talking and laughing and enjoying a day at a slower pace. We walked down to a local bakery to grab cupcakes afterwards only to discover that they were closed for the holiday. We probably didn’t need them after the burgers and fries anyway. What’s one of your favorite little spots to slow down and catch up with friends?


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