It’s Not Delivery, It’s Marley Spoon!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try Martha Stewart’s new meal kit delivery service Marley Spoon so in the next week, I’ll be giving my thoughts on four different meals sent to me! Disclaimer: This is in no way an ad and I do not receive any commission or bonus on this (unless you purchase anything through an affiliate link – I’m not a Martha Stewart or Marley Spoon affiliate, by the way). These are just my honest thoughts on the meals and service. Also, all of our meals were for two, but there is an option to select “family” meals as well.

Marley Spoon works just like other meal delivery services on the market. You pick a few meals and a delivery date. You pay and you receive a big box of meals in the mail on delivery day for you to explore. The food comes individually bagged & individually portioned with easy-to-read recipe cards and a cold pack for any meats and/or perishables. It was easy to pop individual bags in my fridge for grabbing for the next meal!

First Impressions: Right off the bat, I liked that the packaging was recyclable and the ingredients were quality ingredients (i.e. grass fed beef, etc). The other good thing is that I felt the recipes were simple and laid out in a way that made more sophisticated cooking accessible to the average person. Every recipe card was limited to six, easy-to-follow steps.

The first recipe I tried was the Rosemary-Garlic Steak (with green beans and mashed potatoes). The recipe was very straightforward and I liked that one of the instructions was to read through the entire recipe beforehand. I always recommend this (but will also be the first to admit, sometimes I forget to do this).

This was an under-30-minute meal and I agree, but with the caveat that it’s (always) a good idea to have your ingredients in front of you and prepped prior to starting. The recipe card included the prep in some of the instructions which was a major bonus in my book! Some measurements list a tbsp here or a tsp there, so it’s good to have a set of ramekins or small prep/pinch bowls like these, these, or these.

I appreciated the fact that a cast iron skillet was recommended. A regular skillet will work just fine, but a cast iron (Lodge makes a great one for a great price right now on Amazon!) makes a great crust on the steak while still leaving the inside juicy and delicious. The instructions gave a range of cooking times for different “doneness.” I prefer mine med-rare while the Mr prefers his rare. Knowing this, I skipped the step telling me to pound the steaks as needed to “match.” Instead, I seasoned and cooked the steaks the same time (giving him the thicker of the two) and they were perfect!

Also, I instead of the olive oil called for in the skillet, I opted to use Cuisine Perel Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil. Regular olive oil or butter will work just fine, I just wanted to try this oil out since I knew it would compliment the rest of the meal. A note about grapeseed oil: while I still got the “crust” I was aiming for, it has a higher smoke point so it’s not exactly interchangeable with all fats and oils. I learned this the hard way when attempting to make popcorn on the stove-top with it.

A couple recommendations I noted while creating was: to soften the butter prior to mashing with the garlic and rosemary (it will be almost impossible otherwise; and either cutting the potato into smaller pieces or extending the cooking time to no less than 10min (it’s also very possible that I did not cut the potato as small as was instructed). These are just things you pick up with time and experience. Sometimes as we practice things, we forget certain nuances that help a certain result come to fruition. So it’s easy for me to see that finite things (such as “soften butter”) could be left off instructions in the test kitchen.

The meal was memorable and delicious. It was simple, but I still learned/did something I hadn’t done before. Until this, I’d never broiled fresh green beans; but it’s something I’m definitely going to do again and with other veggies. We love green veggies so I like that it was something other than asparagus. Asparagus is great, but it was nice to mix things up with another fresh, green veg. Honesty.

The seasonings were kept simple allowing the main ingredients to shine. Overall, I highly recommend this meal from this service! Stay tuned; I still have 3 more recipes to try! Next up, in honor of Chinese New Year: Sticky-Saucy Sesame Chicken (w/ Roasted Carrots & Jasmine Rice)…

Have you tried any meal delivery services? What are your experiences?

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