Marley Spoon Review #4: Red Bean & Sweet Potato Chili

Welcome back for my fourth and final meal review from my recent meal delivery kit service opportunity. If you missed my intro and review of my first Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon meal, you can find it here. Disclaimer: This is in no way an ad and I do not receive any commission or bonus on this (unless you purchase anything through an affiliate link – I’m not a Martha Stewart or Marley Spoon affiliate, by the way). These are just my honest thoughts on the meals and service. Also, all of our meals were for two, but there is an option to select “family” meals as well.

The weather dipped again from the spring-like temperatures back into the 30s, so it was the perfect time to try out the Red Bean & Sweet Potato Chili! Like the Sticky-Saucy Sesame Chicken, this meal felt big enough for 3-4. We definitely didn’t finish it all which means I got leftovers for lunch the next day. Leftovers at my house are always something I look forward to!

This chili calls for hefty ingredients; but is enhanced with bright, citrusy notes. This makes this a great springtime chili for me, but the Mr was hoping for something a little meatier. He enjoyed it, but it was less-than-memorable for him.

This was the first recipe that didn’t call for my ovenproof skillet. Now it was up to my soup pot to make the magic happen. It was also fairly straightforward as chili recipes go. Everything goes in the pot in layers and you come out with a rich and divergent chili than you’re used to.

With all that said, this was a good chili for a vegetarian recipe, but my favorite vegetarian chili recipe will always be the Black Bean Chili recipe I made way back when I did her Ripped in 30 Meal Plan. Overall, the Sticky-Saucy Sesame Chicken was the best recipe I made this week, but it was so nice to have something different every night and not too much leftover either.

With so many different types of chili out there, what’s your favorite kind?


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