Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

It was the Mr’s turn to cook the other night and what a meal it was! In another life, the Mr cooked overseas and stateside, so he knows his way around a kitchen pretty well. It’s always a treat when he surprises me with a great meal.

It started with filet mignon and asparagus on the grill. Both beautifully grilled to perfection. I like mine mid-rare with a decent crust and I could practically cut my steak without a knife. The asparagus was tender and though grilled, not shriveled as can often happen when you just throw asparagus on the grill.

Often shocking fresh, green veggies in advance helps with this. Drop your vegetables in salted, boiling water for a few minutes then quickly submerge them in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking. They’ll retain their vibrant color.

While all this was happening, he also started a batch of risotto on the stove (one of our faves)! We were out of our usual Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base so he used beef. It complimented the filet well nonetheless. The hearty, creamy rice dish made with arborio rice is HEAVY, so don’t plan on the scale being your friend the next day. Heavy cream, cheese, and rice make this one amazing side dish or entrée.

To top it all off, he combined fresh lump crab meat, bleu cheese (Maytag Blue is the best! Yes, that Maytag! Find their story here), rendered bacon, spinach and heavy cream to send this incredible dinner over the top. I finished the whole plate and even went back for seconds on the risotto and sauce. I refused to stand on the scale the next day. This meal ranks way up there in my all-time faves. Like, last-meal-worthy…

What would you eat for your “last meal”?


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