Warming Up Wednesday

In some ways, I’m fighting the end of Winter. I never feel like we get a proper one here in Texas. In other ways, I am looking forward to Spring/Summer. I usually live for Fall/Winter, but for some reason I felt like I wasn’t finished with Summer last year. Not that I’m particularly ready for “bikini season” myself, but I guess I miss reading outside (preferably by the pool), longer days, and walks in the park after dinner.

This morning to bridge the gap, I’m making a big pot of Joy of Cooking‘s Brazilian Chocolate. It blends some of my most favorite things into one: chocolate, coffee, cream, cinnamon… I could go one. Imbibing the different flavors makes me feel like I’m on vacation. This recipe says it serves four, but I won’t judge if you drink the whole thing. It’s definitely not low-calorie, low-sugar, or low-fat but it’s highly flavorful and satisfying!

Brazil is actually on our list of places we want to visit one day. For the longest time, one of our desires was a map to hang on the wall to put pins in to mark the places we’ve traveled. For Christmas this year, the Mr got just that and we can’t wait to fill it up!

What is one of your “bucket list” travel destinations?


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