Seven Layers of Heaven

A few days ago, we were treated to a beautiful dinner at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Fort Worth for the Mr’s (belated) birthday. I will admit that, though I am a food blogger, I often get so caught up in the moment of enjoying the company I’m with while we’re out, I forget to grab an obligatory snap of my plate. Besides, I think it would’ve been slightly in poor taste to do so in a steakhouse such as this.

I will however say how delicious the steaks were and how elated I was to be able to take half of mine home for leftovers the next day. We generally enjoy leftovers at our house. I enjoy that they gave me the option as well to have my ribeye smothered in a decadent Gorgonzola cream sauce. I was in steakhouse heaven!

To ride alongside our delicious leftovers, I made Betty Crocker’s Seven-Layer Salad from my copy of Betty Crocker Lost Recipes cookbook. Ironically, the recipe in the cookbook is lighter than the one (linked) online. Plus, it has bacon! They’re both delicious, but the yogurt-mayo mixture used in the cookbook lent a lovely tanginess to this. You can serve the salad as a main course or do as we did and serve it on the side. Beware when using regular lettuce however, since it will get soggy with the dressing and won’t last as long in the fridge.

It’s no secret, we eat alot of salad. We especially love Walmart’s Marketside Super Blend for it’s hardiness and good-for-you qualities. I’ll buy a bag a week and toss it in a big bowl with a paper towel. This will last us a week and we ensure we’re eating our greens. Buying regular lettuce can be tricky because it can wilt so quickly. I opted to use this slaw in place of regular lettuce since we would be eating it as a side and since we’d have leftovers. The tough slaw can stand up to pre-dressing better than regular lettuces.

An additional positive to this recipe was that I was able to salvage the radish greens and some of the celery greens for a side to a dish I plan on making later in the week. If you’ve never sauteed radish greens, it’s something you should definitely try! I first learned about them in my Joy of Cooking cookbook when I was trying to find a use for them (I was trying not to waste them). I also have some carrot greens in the freezer I plan to sauté with the celery and radish. Plus well be getting added fiber and nutrients from something that someone else would just toss aside!

Have you ever made a layered salad before? What were your ingredient combos?


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