Pass the Pasta

I don’t typically go for pasta-style soups. They never seem to quite intrigue me or “ring my bell” I guess you could say. I’d much prefer to eat my pasta on a plate smothered in some kind of yummy sauce. However, I’ve been doing so well lately, I thought I’d give this recipe for Pasta e Fagioli a try from the same Shape menu plan I mentioned the other day.

I made a few adjustments based on what we had on hand and came up with something almost entirely different, but wowzas was it ever hearty and good! I topped it with fresh chiffonaded basil (shredded Parm would’ve been good as well) and served it with a side salad of saut√©ed mushrooms, shallots, and kale; and some Brazi Bites to sop up some of the broth. This meal was great for a chilly spring night in.

For my recipe:
Heat 2tsp of grapeseed oil over medium heat. Add 4 cloves of miced garlic and 1/4c finely chopped onions. Cook stirring about 3min until the onion becomes translucent. Add in 2 rough chopped beefsteak tomatoes, 2c of chicken broth, 1c black beans, 2 cups of chopped fresh kale and 1/2c elbow pasta. Bring to boiling then reduce heat to simmer. Cover and simmer about 8min. Add about cup or so of shredded chicken breast and cook a minute or two more. Season to taste and serve with fresh basil.

What is one recipe you’ve put your stamp on by changing up the ingredients?


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