Pizza Party

Just about every week, a girlfriend and I get together to watch guilty-pleasure TV and make/eat yummy things. Lately, I’ve been on a gluten-free pizza kick. Trying to suss out the best ones, the worst ones, and the -eh- ones. I recently got a recipe (accompanied with a coupon) using Mikey’s frozen pizza crusts for Paleo Pizza Margherita and they were on sale at my local Sprouts, so I was definitely down for trying them out.

The recipe is a paleo in nature, though I’m not currently practicing that diet, so I made one concession and that was with the cheese. I’ve had a wide variety of vegan food, but the cheese is not my favorite. There’s just no replacing good and fresh mozzarella for a Pizza Margherita. It’s mild, creamy texture is perfect and I’ve never found a vegan cheese that comes close. If I’m missing one, feel free to drop it in the comments below!

We each made pizzas using the crusts as they seemed more like personal pan size (though they are deceptively high in calories for how small and thin they are). I made mine with Hunt’s Roasted Garlic tomato sauce, fresh torn basil, and slices of fresh Galbani mozzarella and pepper. She enjoyed hers with the sauce, basil, pepper, and used Kraft shredded Parmesan instead of the mozz.

Overall, the recipe was good, but the crusts were rather lacking in flavor. They got nice and crispy like I like them, but needed a little something extra… The crusts were ok, but if I were to use them again, I would probably smear some roasted garlic on them and toast for a couple minutes in between the first and second oven stages. For now, I’ll stick to my current favorite pizza crusts: Bob’s Red Mill.

Shout out in the comments below your favorite pizza crusts, restaurant or homemade!


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