Asian Zing

Last night was sushi night at our house and I took this as an opportunity to try out some new healthier alternatives to soy sauce from my local Sprouts that I had been hearing so much buzz about. I like to eat healthy just as well as the next person, but don’t sign me up for a subscription for Clean Eating Magazine just yet (not that there’s anything wrong with that magazine, it’s just not my focus at the moment).

You may recall back in March that we tried out Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Liquid aminos sauce is touted as a more natural alternative to traditional soy sauce. It’s still fermented from soy beans (in case you’re trying to avoid soy), but it’s preservative free as well as gluten free (soy sauce typically has both). More info can be found here. I felt it was a decent substitute for traditional soy sauce.

This time while I was out, on the advice from a friend, I grabbed a bottle of Big Tree Farms Coco Aminos. She told me that it was similar to liquid aminos and soy sauce, but it had a sweeter quality not unlike teriyaki. Coconut aminos are a derivative of the sap of coconut flowers with natural sea salt added. Coco aminos are also preservative and gluten free, but as a bonus they are also soy free! Here is a really good article that breaks this product down further. I found this sauce to be sweeter as foretold and even better than I imagined. The salinity was there alongside the slight sweetness combined with rich umami-ness. I definitely enjoyed this swap and will definitely be using more of this product in the future. Even The Mr who is an avowed hater of anything coconut enjoyed it! It left me eager to try out this variety pack next!

And the tube of green stuff in the picture? That’s just some extra prepared wasabi since we feel like there’s just never enough in those prepackaged sushi containers! With so many varieties out there, what is your favorite form of “soy sauce”?


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