So Boss!

Today is the Boston Marathon and I am proud to know two people who have run it; one did so no less than three times! The Boston Marathon began in 1897 and gradually began attracting people all over the world to the race. It’s known as an elite race in which one must qualify.

To respect the occasion, I decided to make clam chowder for the first time. I found a lovely and simple-looking recipe for New England Clam Chowder in my Williams-Sonoma cookbook. I was unable to find the exact recipe online, but this one is pretty dang close.

This recipe, though simple, required a bit more prep work in advance. Once I prepped all of my ingredients, it didn’t take long to make at all. It was however in the true spirit of higher-end cooking in that it required multiple pans. I say “higher-end”, but honestly these days we’re living in such a “microwave” era that anything more than a one-pot meal feels like “high-end.” We haven’t owned a microwave in almost a couple years and we seriously don’t miss it, but maybe a couple times a year. Don’t let the fact that this recipe takes a little more stovetop space scare you off. The results are worth every pot/pan to clean.

The delicate brininess of the clam liquor combined with the fattiness of the heavy cream created a delicious broth in which the bacon and vegetables gently bathed. The finish of freshly steamed clams, Maldon flaked sea salt, and vibrant parsley made this hearty soup not just pleasing to the eye, but to the senses as well. It may seem like there’s alot going on with this recipe, but all of the components create layers of flavor to greet your palate in each bite.

This soup was definitely better than any canned I’ve ever had. When we went to Boston a couple years ago, I unfortunately never had authentic clam chowder. I’m now wishing I had. Have you ever had authentic clam chowder? Tell me your experiences in the comments below!


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