Simple Sandwiches

To say it’s been a long week would be a bit of an understatement. This week has been action-packed for sure. Between special services in church for Holy Week and Easter, volunteering, and working the family soccer club’s showcase tournament this weekend, I’ve hardly had a moment in the kitchen. We typically run the dishwasher every day, but this week we ran it maybe twice.

I managed to get laundry done and not much else. Gotta have clothes to wear, right?

Last night, after getting home from all the hubbub from the week and collapsing on the couch, dinner became something simple. A sandwich. A sandwich for Easter dinner may sound dull to some, but this was no ordinary sandwich. This sardine sandwich “recipe” (put in quotes because is there really such a thing as a recipe for a sandwich?), courtesy of Saveur magazine was not only diverse in flavor and texture, but was hearty enough to satisfy for the evening without weighing us down before bed.

The sour earthiness of the rye combined with the tang of the Maille dijon and crunch of onion and crisp lettuce created the perfect bed for the briny sardines. Some may turn their noses up at sardines, but they’re much meatier and more mild than their anchovy cousins, and blended very well with the other ingredients in this sandwich.

Three alterations I made: It was meant to be eaten open-faced, but I topped mine with an extra slice of marble rye for personal preference. I chose a purple onion over yellow since I had one on hand. Instead of bibb lettuce, I used butter due to availability.

What’s one of your favorite sandwich combos?


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