We’ve had a spell of rain lately and more to forecast. The air is muggy and the hair is big. Comfort food is on the menu. We’re just glad it’s raining during the week at this point and giving us reprieve on the weekends!

I’ve been wanting to try more recipes from my copy of the “it’s GREEK to me!” cookbook I ordered on the recommendation of a born and bred Greek former colleague a little while ago. I flipped through and found this recipe for Kota Melanaise (Chicken with Melanaise Sauce) that looked not only easy, but ticked that “comfort food” box. I appreciated that all of the ingredients were prepared simply and respectfully.

The upside: This dish reminded me of your good-old-fashioned chicken and rice casserole. Except that the gravy-like sauce had the extra zing, owing to the addition of fresh lemon juice to the egg yolks prior to blending in the roux. Making my own broth from a whole chicken and using it throughout the dish was rewarding. There’s something to be said for taking just a little bit of time to make your own simple broth.

The downside: This recipe is HEAVY. It must be served alongside a vibrant green salad (sparingly dressed) or you’re going to feel like Atlas the rest of the night. While delicious, I feel it would’ve been more suited to a fall dinner. It’s a good thing we still had some arugula in the fridge for a simple first course salad (literally arugula and balsamic vinaigrette).

We love Greek food regardless. What’s the most recent new recipe you’ve tried?


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