Guac Me, Baby, One More Time!

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how we had tried a couple of new recipes in which to bury our tortilla chips. The roasted, smoky salsa from Food Network Magazine was great; but so was the new spin on guacamole we tested! If you’ve been following along, by now you know I’m always game to try out new spins on familiar and well-loved classics.

I like salsa as much as the next girl from Texas, but guac has always been my favorite (right after queso, that is). There’s just something about the creamy, buttery green dip coats the palate with flavor and fat like no other. Sharp onions (and occasionally garlic) mixed with tart lime, meaty tomato chunks, and fragrant cilantro with the sizzle of jalapeño blend to create a harmonious appetizer like no other.

For this recipe, I had to temporarily suspend my notion of what guacamole should be and imagine what it could be for Laura Bush’s Guacamole. Lemon juice stands in for lime juice while shallots (shallots are a root vegetable in the same family of garlic and onions which evoke characteristics of both, but remain distinct) play the part of onion and garlic simultaneously. Jalapeño and cilantro both make their appearance alongside fresh cracked black pepper and kosher salt (the latter two were my contributions – I like the assertive pop of both in larger pieces).

Despite being unsure of the ingredients going in, the product resulting was better than I could have possible imagined! It was bright and sophisticated for being a traditionally “rustic” dish. These changes in ingredients elevated and lightened this hearty fare for the better!

I may not stick with this recipe forever, but it definitely left a sumptuous impression. What is one recipe that has made a lasting impression on your memory?


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