Oodles of Voodles & Chicken Sausage

I’ve been over-indulging a little bit lately and I’ve certainly seen the effects on the scale. I had also been eating more doughnuts and sausage rolls on Sunday mornings instead of my usual go-to oatmeal. They taste great, but creep up on one quick! I started feeling the need to scale back a little.

So since Sunday was such a nice day, we decided to throw some True Story Italian Chicken Sausages on the grill. They’re precooked so it only took a few minutes on the grill to warm and add grill marks and flavor. They’re made of chicken, yes, but they were well-seasoned and light. We sliced them after to toss into pasta.

Since we were keeping things light, and I recently got a great deal on some Cece’s Noodle Co Butternut Squash Noodles and Yellow Squash Noodles to use in place of pasta, we decided to use these in place of pasta and add a little extra veggies into our diet. We really like both varieties of squash, so I knew taking a chance on these wouldn’t be a waste. I sautéed both packages together in a delicious piccata sauce with about half a jar of capers for 4-5min. They came out more firm than al dente pasta, but the texture didn’t inspire aversion. They were delicious and satisfied that desire for “noodles.”

When the “voodles” were done cooking in the delicious, buttery sauce; we stirred the sausage pieces into everything and topped each bowl with some freshly grated Romano cheese and a sprinkling of Bragg’s Herb and Spice Seasoning. Everything was light and abounding in flavor. The best part was I definitely noticed a little movement on the scale today and I didn’t feel deprived!

What are some of your favorite fresh and flavorful meals?


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