Pinterest Wins

Often, when browsing Pinterest, one finds easy-enough recipes to replicate. There are the occasional #PinterestFails, but for the most part; when a recipe is presented, it can be done. Such is the case this week.

We like breakfast sandwiches as well as the next couple, but sometimes the ones you buy from the freezer section are bland and lifeless. And the ones you make at home, require frying an egg the morning of. This certainly doesn’t make things any easier when you’re looking for a quick grab-and-go bite. The humble breakfast sammys actually got their start as on-the-go breakfasts for London factory laborers in the 1800s.

That’s what makes the popular egg-cups-made-in-muffin-tins pins so popular. You can make an endless variety all at once and save or freeze them for later quick noshes. They’re pretty convenient too when you want to customize your own egg-and-cheese-English-muffin sandwiches.

I had 2oz of leftover chorizo and 1/2c chopped bell peppers frozen recently so I used them as inspiration for some egg cups. I cooked the ground chorizo together with the peppers and some chopped onion. After the mixture cooled, I mixed it with four beaten eggs and 1/4c shredded Mexican-style cheese. I filled 6 muffin cups 2/3 of the way full and baked them for 15min at 400° (or until the eggs are just set).

The Mr’s days off are somewhat non-traditional (Sundays and Thursdays) so our “Saturday mornings” are Thursday mornings. This past week on his day off, we made some truly unctuous breakfast sandwiches for brunch. We split English muffins in half and topped each half with a slice of muenster cheese (any cheese will do however). An egg cup rested on one half of each English muffin and was capped off with the other half of the English muffin and cheese.

We wrapped each thick sandwich in a piece of foil and placed them on a cookie sheet. The sandwiches toasted at 350° for 30min (or until the muffins are toasted and the cheese is ooey-gooey). Generous dribbles of sriracha finished each toasty sandwich and satisfied our appetites until dinner!

What are your favorite toppings for breakfast sammys?


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