All-American Brownies

Snack attacks can come out of nowhere and blind-side anyone. Especially chocoholic ones! For this reason, I keep a variety stash of baking morsels in the pantry generally all the time. A little while back I had some coupons for Buy-Two-Get-One-Free Hershey’s baking bits/morsels. The coupons were about to expire so, after sharing a few with a friend, I stocked up while they were on sale! I must’ve had eight or ten packages in my pantry of all different assortments at one time. I use them regularly enough and none of them have gone bad yet, so it’s not a waste at all.

Sunday afternoon, while I had the laundry going, I decided to make a batch of Hershey’s All-American Heath Bar Brownies for dessert since I knew we were going to be having a less-than-exciting dinner of leftovers. Don’t get me wrong, we typically like leftovers in our house; but they admittedly aren’t as excited as trying out a new dish altogether. One day, when we have a family, I’ll likely be able to make a new recipe each day and we’ll finish it at dinnertime; but until then, we’ll have leftovers! To reward ourselves for cleaning out the fridge, brownies awaited us…

Remember when I told you a little while ago that I am often even inspired by the recipes on packaging? I didn’t get this recipe out of any cookbook or from a magazine, from any amazing-looking pin or even from the ‘gram. I got this recipe from the back of the package of Hershey’s Heath Bar Bits and one of them best parts about this recipe is that I had everything on hand right then and didn’t have to make an extra run to the store!

The batter made with this recipe is thick and sticky. It was so thick, in fact, I think I could have formed the batter to make cookies even! I’m convinced they would have held their form and baked nicely. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but just something I noticed. Another thing about this brownie is that the final texture was different than I’m accustomed. It’s spongy and moist almost as if it’s uncooked, but the form still holds when cut.

Lastly, though the recipe calls for one cup of sugar, they really weren’t that sweet… Unless of course you eat them upside down haha! The topping sticks nicely to the brownie without being too messy (a bonus!) and since I used kosher salt instead of ordinary table salt, the little bursts of saltiness complimented the Heath bits nicely.

Throw your favorite brownie recipe in the comments below! I’d love to try one (or all) of them!


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