Vive La France!

Bastille Day (the National Day of France) aka la Fête nationale or le 14 juillet is celebrated across France today much like the United States celebrates the Fourth of July aka Independence Day. It marks the occasion in 1789 when a group of revolutionaries stormed the Bastille thus characterizing the beginning of the French Revolution. It changed the political landscape of France forever.

Last year I enjoyed a yummy (and complimentary) pastry at La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe. As much as I enjoyed and appreciated La Mad’s gesture (I’m always down for lunch at La Mad), but I wanted to try something a little different this year. I wanted something a little more authentic and less commercial.

Good, handmade, quality French pastries (ie not from freezer to oven) are hard to come by even in the city. Chains like La Mad have their place making different foods more accessible to the masses, but there’s really just something about fresh, hand-laminated dough that you can’t beat. Places like Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie in Dallas are where you can find some pretty creditable French pastries can be found (along with a decent cup of coffee).

Today, I drove the 40min into Downtown Dallas to sample some of the offerings at Bisous Bisous. I had been semi-stalking this place online for about a year, but just today decided to make the trek. I seriously hate driving in Dallas. Dallas is an utter Mecca for many fabulous eateries, but I generally avoid driving there but once a year.

I was delighted to discover they had a kouign amann available for purchase. You may remember kouign amanns gaining popularity from such shows as The Great British Baking Show. I also ordered a pain au chocolat to go with my kouign amann and a couple macarons. I immediately savored my kouign amann with a smoky, smooth iced latte. The pastry (a touch over-baked for my taste) was sticky, buttery, and flaky. It was almost everything a French pastry ought to be (with the exception of the bake time). It was delicious nonetheless.

Bisous Bisous also offers classes to those who are interested in learning more! I can hardly wait to savor the pain au chocolat and macarons tomorrow with my morning coffee and reading. What are some of your favorite desserts/pastries that double as a breakfast item?


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