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We’ve been making an effort lately to incorporate more produce into our diet lately. We live in an area where quality produce is becoming more readily available at reasonable prices so it’s been really easy lately to find the ingredients I want when I want them. The Mr goes to work so early and gets home in the late afternoon, so we tend to eat dinner a little earlier than the average family. It’s also July in Texas so it’s pretty hot out and we don’t necessarily want a heavy evening meal.

I’ve been longing to try this recipe for Carrot-Ginger Soup from the Laura Bush recipe archives on the White House website from her time as FLOTUS. Until now, I hadn’t had the daring to attempt this recipe. It’s simple and easy to compose, but at the same time it’s polished and elevated… and doesn’t come with a side of beef. The Mr would prefer a helping of protein at every meal, but he ate a bowlful despite being hesitant and actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t his absolute favorite and he didn’t go back for seconds like I did, but he tried it nonetheless. I consider that a win.

This recipe on its own stood out well as a refined soup, but adding a creamy dollop of Daisy or a creamy whirl of Mexican Crema to complete the Salt/Fat/Acid/Heat recipe for success. This dish isn’t necessarily Tex-Mex, but growing up with these ingredients so close, I couldn’t help but make the connections in my mind. Maybe someone could make this and give me some alternate recommendations to try! Also, in my humble opinion, rice wine vinegar was just fine; but being partial to good ol’ Bragg’s ACV, I feel it would have made a perfectly good substitute in hindsight.

None of the ingredients overpowered each other and the finish of chopped cilantro was, in my opinion, the thing to send it over the top. It adds a lift and subtle herbaciousness to an otherwise earthy dish. As a bonus, this soup was not only light on the wallet, but on the waistline as well (minus the creamy additions I guess)! What are some of your favorite, more elegant soups?


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