Oh So Saucy!

This meal came together very fortuitously this weekend. Pork spareribs were on special at just the right time a sweet friend from church had recently gone through a procedure. With a brood of three boys, a baby, and a husband to look after; the church hospitality ministry stepped in to provide meals to help and as always, I volunteered as well!

Knowing this family, I know they appreciate good, hearty meal. With three active, growing boys, they needed a solid meal to keep them going! No dieters here! A full four-and-a-half pounds of pork spareribs baked and glazed to perfection proved to be a real star. Where I can usually provide a link for the recipe, the recipe came by my copy of the Betty Crocker Bridal Edition Cookbook as an amalgam of mix-and-match recipes. Still, I will post images from the book (please don’t mind my handwritten notations)!

The recipe itself is simple and straightforward and produces the messy, sticky ribs we all know and love… And don’t wanna be seen in public eating! One thing (probably the only thing I believe) I lack in my kitchen is a roasting rack! This recipe calls for one to be used, but in its absence, my ribs turned out just fine! Even if they were a little drippy from the excess fat falling away during the cooking process…

After portioning the meat into servings/to fit neatly into the pan, I generously seasoned both sides of the portions with fresh grounds of Himalayan pink salt and multi-colored peppercorns. After baking at 350° for 1hr, I brushed them every 10min for a total of 45min thereafter with a Molasses-Mustard Sauce. This luscious sauce was an easy combination of Grandma’s Molasses, Maille Dijon, and Bragg’s ACV (plus a little plain white vinegar). Mineral-rich and sticky-bittersweet, dark molasses mingles with striking Dijon and vinegar to make one memorable sauce that turns into a glaze as it’s exposed to heat. The layers of saucy glaze applied are undeniable!

We included Ranch-Dressing-spiked mashed potatoes and bacon-fat-cooked green beans and blistered tomatoes; all topped with chopped, smoked bacon to round out the meal. As always, we made extra so we could enjoy as well, and heavens are we ever so glad we did! What are some of your favorite rib sauce ingredients?


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