Potage au Cresson – Watercress Soup

The entire world was a lovely, snowy place today.  We were ankle-deep in beautiful, clean, white snow!  Children either didn’t come to school or they left early and teachers looked forward to getting away early and no school tomorrow!  We had a game of dodgeball for p.e. and some of the boys (and a couple of the men) enjoyed a snowball fight in the far parking lot… Bliss!  The snow never let up and by afternoon, one couldn’t tell the curb from the street for all the snow!

This called for some warm comfort food, but still without the guilt.  I let the fingers do the walking… to Julia Child’s Potage au Cresson!  It is basically the Potage Parmentier with watercress.  This time, however I halved the salt and added rosemary, chopped garlic and bacon bits with a sprinkle of shredded parmesan on top.  instead of the cream it called for, I substituted 2% milk; and instead of the leeks which I was unable to find this time, I used small green onions.  The result was a lovely soup which tasted like a baked potato sans guilt!


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