Dr, Dr, Tell Me the News!

For Christmas, the Mr blessed me with the Instant Pot I was coveting for months! Instant Pot recently collaborated with The Pioneer Woman on a special design Multi-Cooker Instant Pot and it is gorgeous! I was so excited until I started hearing people who have them say things about how hard it was to figure out, to use, etc… I thought you kinda just plugged it in and hit a button… No? Well, not exactly… But it wasn’t a mystery to use either.

There is an instruction manual and there are sample recipes to get started. One of these recipes I came across was for Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork. Who in Texas doesn’t love DP?! Amiright? This recipe was actually quite user-friendly, except that the instructions were slightly incomplete. It called for the inclusion of garlic, buuuuut the instructions didn’t tell you where to put it… I just tossed it on top of everything else. It was fine.

The result was a beautifully cooked pork butt that was not only tender, but shredded beautifully. It was not at all dried out as pork can sometimes get. I was initially hesitant about how much chipotles in adobo were going in (11 ounces!), but it all mixed well and only gave off a slight sizzle on the palate. The recipe was so simple, I firmly believe any Instant Pot novice could easily accomplish it! I would equate this recipe to one you would see for a slow-cooker. Set it & forget it!

The whole recipe only took 1 hour from ingredient prep to shred. We enjoyed it on tacos per the recipe suggestion, but it would also be great on nachos or a kaiser roll to sop up all the juice! Have you jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet? What have you attempted so far?


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