(Kimchi) Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is all about –well, tacos, right? Sometimes though, the same ol’ tacos can get pretty mundane. This week we merged “Meatless Monday” with “Taco Tuesday.” And Clean Eating magazine took the idea of the taco and treated it with a little “fusion” cuisine with this Kimchi Tacos recipe. It was anything but your typical taco.

In this recipe, Korean meets Mexico – with a strong heavy-handed emphasis on Korean. Sesame oil drives the firm (yet silky) tofu, spices, vegetables, and kimchi together to nestle in spicily in its tortilla jacket. This recipe uses tofu, however chicken or shredded beef would be an equally good protein source. I honestly also didn’t notice that it’s completely devoid of dairy. The strong Eastern spices and flavors more than made up for the lack of cheese or sour cream.

Don’t be shy with the kimchi. It’s a (very) distant cousin to Germany’s sauerkraut. It’s sweet and sour. Spicy and deliciously loaded with garlic! I asked a friend of mine who grew up eating the stuff for recommendations for the remaining kimchi in the jar and she gave me a handful of different uses for it. Add it to soups. Top a hot dog with it in place of sauerkraut. Enjoy it on a perfectly cooked ribeye. The possibilities really are open when you consider them.

Overall this recipe was ok, but we probably won’t be revisiting it. It just wasn’t completely our “thing.” And that’s ok. We like to try new and different things and push beyond our “norm.” What is one cuisine that you’ve tried that pushed you outside your “norm”?


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