Spring Has Sprung

Today is the first day of spring and it is a b-e-a-utiful day out! I started my day at the dentist, but finished it with fresh hair at the salon with my favorite stylist. Both service providers are great people who keep me fresh and healthy — the very essence of Spring! Spring is the perfect time for a refresh all around.

For dinner tonight, we officially welcomed Spring with Shape Magazine’s Mandarin Chicken and Sprout’s brand crispy Chicken Spring Rolls. Mandarin oranges were on sale this past week. When I got home with my bag, I promptly deposited each orange gem in a clear glass Anchor Hocking bowl on my kitchen counter. Seeing those beautiful, easy-to-peel little bites on the counter each day encouraged me to grab a couple. They keep me hydrated and help me snack a little smarter. As I’ve mentioned before, if I know I’m anticipating a great meal later, I try to moderate the rest of the day.

This recipe was rather easy to throw together with minimal ingredients. In only 20 minutes, dinner was on the table and it we like we were enjoying dinner al fresco in the 65° weather. This dish calls for chicken breasts, but due to personal preference, I used chicken thighs. I find them to retain their moistness much better than breasts and reheats better later on. This recipe serves four, but since it’s just us two to feed, I cut the recipe in half with the exception of the chicken.

From time-to-time, I have friends throwing me recommendations for great products. And I’m fairly willing to give anything a try once. One swap I feel I should note is that I opted to try out Bragg’s Liquid Aminos in place of traditional soy sauce. I found it to be a great swap and hit the spot for my hankering for the traditional salty, umami stuff we all know and love. The next item on my list of things to try is coconut aminos. I’m told this variety is more in the way of the sweeter teriyaki sauce versus salty-umami soy sauce. It’s also a soy-free option for those looking to avoid soy in his/her diet.

What is one of your favorite products you have recommended to others?


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