Childhood Comfort Food

Growing up in Texas, it was almost a given that we would eat Frito Chili Pie on the regular. Not only is it good “kid” food, but it’s pretty darn great comfort food as well! With baseball opening day upon us, I’d been craving some Frito Chili Pie. So when I recently had an outpatient procedure, my mom asked me if I would like her to bring anything, the first thing I asked for was Frito Chili Pie.

There are many incarnations, variations, and takes on this simple dish. Often it’s as simple as layering a baking dish with Fritos corn chips and pouring on some Wolf Brand chili. Top it with chopped onion & shredded cheese and bake until warm and gooey. Serve with extra cheese and Fritos.

“Walking Frito pies” are also a thing, similar to “walking tacos”. Open a single serving bag of Fritos, pour in some chili and cheese and serve with a fork. No plates required!

There’s also this great-looking recipe from The Pioneer Woman! While hers may seem more involved, I can guarantee it will still be yummy and satifying! What’s one dish you grew up with that takes you back to childhood every time you make it?


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