My true interest in finer culinary began in college. I had always enjoyed baking and cooking, but it wasn’t until I discovered Top Chef that I truly latched onto it a little deeper. I had just moved into this great apartment complex designed for college students. All bills paid (including cable & internet and washer & dryer in unit) for $470/month. That may seem like lunch money now, but each room in my three-bedroom apartment was rented/leased separately, suite-style. I would race home from work every Wednesday night to catch the second showing of that week’s episode of Top Chef.

The cable provided me access for the first time to shows like Top Chef and networks like Food Network. I was hooked and thus began trying out new things. Once in my early endeavors, I swapped out the milk in Hamburger Helper Stroganoff with Daisy sour cream. I know, living on the wild side, but it was good and I was a college student after all…

My first encounter of pâté was when I got a job at a new Market Street in the nicer part of town. I was placed in the fine cheese area and it was part of our job to experientially know what the products tasted like. Tough job. It also was an excellent source of inspiration. Many things I learned there, I carry to this day.

One of my favorite indulgent dinners is a platter filled with pâté, baguette, sliced cheese and various other things depending on my mood or day. Yum. So much yum. Saturday night was date night on the couch after a long week and Alexian Pâté Duck Liver Mousse, salmon, anchovies, baguette, Kerrygold Dubliner, and Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar. It was so hard to stop once we began to dive in… A simple meal, yet so decadent.

Whats one simple meal that makes you feel like royalty?


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