Something Fishy Going on Here Tonight

It’s a pajamas-and-marathoning-my-favorite-shows night in while the Mr was at a guys’ night event at church. Since it was Tuesday, I figured I might as well make tacos! I didn’t want any ordinary tacos; I wanted something a little different and healthy that my usual calorie-laden go-to.

I like all kinds of tacos with all different types of toppings and ingredients. Usually I slather the dripping shredded beef with Mexican-style cheese and sour cream. Tonight though, I decided to try out Joanna Gaines’ Blackened Fish Tacos with Red Cabbage & Mango Slaw from her Magnolia Table cookbook. Not only is this recipe completely devoid of any dairy products (although these are not verboten; feel free to slather and smother as you desire); they’re also loaded with fresh, minimally processed ingredients.

One of my favorite salad bases is broccoli slaw (mostly the Super Blend Slaw that can only be found so far at Walmart) so I’m no stranger to cabbage. Tossed with mango and lime, this crunchy fresh topping brightens the palate up from the slight sizzle produced by the zippy (thanks to the hot sauce) blackened fish. I could definitely have eaten nearly the entire bowl of the slaw.

The quick-marinated fish (I opted for mahi mahi due to availability) was tasty, but I found it slightly lacking in salinity. I finished each taco with a sprinkling of Maldon flaked sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lime. The marinade would also have been really good if sriracha were used in place of the garlic salt and hot sauce. I also think the fish would be great grilled next time in place of pan-frying so no one is standing over a smoking, hot stove on a hot day! This would also add another depth of flavor to the dish.

These tacos were meaty and fresh without being too heavy and greasy. Perfect for a hot, weeknight evening! What are your favorite kinds of tacos in Summertime?


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