Smoothie Bowl

Until this morning, I’d hesitated to jump onto this new smoothie bowl trend. I always thought, “Why would anyone want to eat their smoothie with a spoon? Wouldn’t it just be easier to drink it?” I didn’t know that smoothie bowls are actually a much thicker version of your traditional smoothie.

This smoothie bowl version from Shape Magazine contained all the typical smoothie ingredients that I typically love. Anything containing coconut and mango is a winner with me. I already regularly drink coconut water and eat yogurt, so I almost already had all the ingredients on hand!

A few things I altered weren’t major this time. I alternated Icelandic Provisions Plain Skyr for the low-fat Greek yogurt requested. It was on sale and I just really wanted to try it! I found it to be super-thick and creamy which is probably what led to the second alteration. I did have to add more coconut water to the batch to thin it out enough to actually make the blender blades move! The last thing was that despite the frozen fruit, I felt it needed just a touch more sweetness, so I drizzled a little honey over top (which in hindsight I wish had been agave nectar).

I understood when I dug in that this smoothie was not one to sip through a straw. It was THICK! It was almost like eating frozen yogurt or sorbet… It was tasty, but to sum up, yes. It’s Just easier to drink your smoothie. What are your favorite smoothie combinations?


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