Every Duke and Earl and Peer is Here

The Royal Ascot started today! It has long been one of my Bucket List travel destinations/events to attend. Like the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot is an annual event of horse races where everyone dresses to the nines and ladies wear beautiful and extravagant hats and/or fascinators (depending on the type of enclosure you’re in), except the difference is – you know – the British royal family attends this one. I’ve been enthralled ever since I first saw Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Iconic.

To celebrate, I decided to try out the Cream Scones recipe from The Essential New York Times Cook Book. Scones are fairly simple to make requiring few ingredients. As a matter of fact, there isn’t a major difference between scones and ordinary biscuits. The biggest differences are a matter of sugar content and shape.They’re made even simpler by this amazing Ceramic Scone Pan from World Market! I’ve never patted out, formed and cut scones the old-fashioned way, but thanks to this pan I never have to. It’s a new era.

These scones are finished with a light brushing of heavy cream prior to baking. The best scones in my opinion call for no less than heavy cream in (and on) the dough and I always scatter a scant dusting of sugar over the top to create a nice delicate crust. In the past, I’ve enjoyed scones with candied orange peel bits mixed into the dough as well.

I usually enjoy mine with generous helpings of either Devon Luxury Clotted Cream or Dickinson’s Lemon Curd. What is your favorite variety of scones?


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