Grill All the Things!

In Texas we enjoy a longer grilling season than some. We don’t get much really, truly cold weather here so it’s not unusual to grill any time of year. However, Summertime is especially preferable due to the fact that cooking over a hot stove and using the oven in the Summer can heat up your house quick! The solution is grilling and this is thanks in part to Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray that the Mr sprayed a few weeks ago! It worked so well and we haven’t had an issue with mosquitoes since.

The other night we took some inspiration from this recipe for Grill-Everything-But-The-Burger Brisket Burgers in Saveur Magazine. While we didn’t absolutely grill everything, we certainly grilled the burgers and of course the onions (both red and sweet)! Grilled onions are such a dream! And topped these big, messy burgers with beautiful heirloom tomatoes, fresh, homemade pickles from a friend’s garden, and King’s Hawaiian hamburger buns.

You could of course grind, form, and season your own brisket patties. If you buy a big enough brisket you can grill up the perfect summer burgers for a summer barbecue with your friends. The way the Mr went on and on about these burgers, this recipe is sure to be a big hit with everyone. However, if you aren’t keen to buying an entire brisket for just one recipe, you could either freeze the remainder or Walmart now carries preformed beef brisket patties that will work equally well for the budget-conscious!

Generous slathers of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Black Garlic Mayo and Maille Dijon Mustard finished off these amazing burgers! What do you put on your burger?


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