Just Roll With It!

When we were in Boston a couple years ago, we ate ridiculous quantities of local seafood offerings at just about every meal. One of these meals included the ubiquitous lobster roll. I haven’t gotten it out of my mind since.

It’s not that it was the most amazing lobster roll I’ve ever had in my life. It was good — the bread was a little crispier than I would have preferred — but it was something other-worldly. Here in the land of beef and barbecue, fresh and delicate Atlantic seafood is a rarity. Sure we have the Gulf, but it bears nothing like East Coast sea fare.

There are many different recipes and styles of lobster rolls. All served in a hot-dog-style bun, some are akin to seafood salad, laden with a mayonnaise-based dressing. Some are bursting with veggies like celery and lettuces. And then there are those that are simple and unfussy. This recipe for Buttery Lobster Rolls courtesy of Food Network Magazine was just that.

Dressed simply in Kerrygold salted butter, tossed with chopped chives and fresh tarragon; and served in a King’s Hawaiian hot dog bun, the coarse-chopped lobster-tail meat was really able to shine and I found my favorite version of a lobster roll — to date. I’m open to further submissions.

The tender meat combined with the subtle tang of the chives, mild hints of anise from the bittersweet tarragon, salty butter, and a light dusting of paprika makes for a perfect combination in my opinion. This meal may not be for the budget-conscious, but it is completely and totally worth the occasional splurge.

What is one dish worth the occasional splurge to you?


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