Get You Some Goulash!

For years I resisted the Americanized version of goulash. It was a hamburger meat, macaroni mess. God Bless America, but that’s just not right! Yuck! Tender chunks of roasted beef, slow-roasted in a paprika-seasoned tomato broth, and piled atop a heap of either buttery mashed potatoes or a swirl of thick noodles. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Real goulash is a delicious thick stew using stew meat. It’s rich in unctuous flavor and heady spices. And as a bonus, it’s not particularly calorie-rich if prepared in the right way! Which is why it was a great addition to the Slenderella cookbook. The cookbook manages to even get it in under 500cals per serving! Of course, that was before we added in the noodles and a lovely dollop of Daisy!

Fall weather isn’t quite upon us here in North Texas, but I have always enjoyed a good stew for dinner. Since school started back up this week for my nieces & nephews, I conceded that Fall may be approaching sooner than I secretly wished. With Fall on the horizon, I’m down for more warm, succoring bowls of nourishment. Hungarian goulash is the perfect stew to comfort while simultaneously keeping things easy on the scale and on the wallet.

It doesn’t really matter what type of stew meat is used. All that matters is that you use a hefty amount of Hungarian paprika which is so sweet and mouth-wateringly fragrant that you almost don’t remember it’s part of the pepper family. It also doesn’t matter whether you prefer potatoes or noodles. It just matters that you use them because goulash isn’t goulash without a bed of either.

What are some of your favorite goulash recipes?


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