Not Just Any Delivery! It’s Dinnerly!

Greetings from South Padre Island, TX! I’m on vacation this weekend, so I’m blogging from the beach! These are the things I once dreamed about when I first saw Sandra Bullock in ‘The Net.’ Except without the whole identity theft thing… Yeah, Sandy, you can keep that.

Anywho, I was recently given the opportunity to test out the Dinnerly meal-kit-delivery service, so I wanted to take a minute and tell you all about it! I received 3 meals in the kit and today I’m telling you about our favorite! The Caramelized Onion Beef Burger with Tomato Salad was both filling and delicious and definitely something I would either order or try again with or without modifications.

First things first. Dinnerly is a meal-kit-delivery service like many others, but offers a different approach to many aspects to its program. It still delivers quality ingredients, but at an affordable cost. It pares down ingredient lists and offers digital recipe cards vs printed ones that come with the box in order to save you money and still deliver great food! It also relies on the user having basic household staples like salt & pepper, oils & vinegars, etc… The packaging is also simple and straightforward, while still packaging the ingredients well. Each serving is only $4.49! That’s a really great deal!

Back to the burgers. We’re not afraid of bold flavors in the Smith Haus and one of the main ways I enjoy onions is grilled (aka caramelized). I’m also partial to buying grass fed beef whenever possible, so when I saw that Dinnerly delivers on that, I was SOLD on this meal! Usually when we cook onions like this, we just throw them on the grill and hope they don’t fall through the cracks. With Dinnerly however, I used my Lodge to sauté and caramelize them until the perfect! After removing the onions, I ignored the instructions about wiping out the skillet. I just went ahead and smashed the burgers right into the sweet oniony-ness that was already there and I refuse to apologize for it!

After pan frying the smashed burger, what I pulled out of the pan was a burger that had a delightfully crisp crust infused with those sweet, sharp flavors from the onions and a tender, medium-rare center. The marinated tomato salad shared complementing bracing flavors from the ACV while supplying a fresh note from the verdant green leaf lettuce to offset any heaviness from the burger. Hugged with a buttery brioche bun, this made a pretty solid burger even without cheese! BUT one thing I do enjoy about Dinnerly is that you can choose your own adventure as well! Love blue cheese like me? Go ahead and throw it on there! Add bacon to your salad! You do you!

I give this a 10/10 so far! What are some of your favorite meal-kit-delivery services?


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