TOW She Made the Chewy Molasses Cookies

I was in the fourth grade when “Friends” first premiered. I had such a crush on Joey and wanted to be just like Rachel (but I hated their romance arc tbh). It was probably not a show I should have been watching at that age, but it’s downright tame compared to what’s on TV now. Plus, I definitely didn’t get all the jokes back then like I do now… It was a show my late father and I enjoyed watching together so it will probably always hold a nostalgic place in my heart. I was a fan (and continue to be) from the start. If you’re a true Friends fan, you’ll get the title reference. If not, an explanation can be found here.

When I was in college, Amazon was really starting to become a “thing” and I discovered a cookbook called Cooking With Friends published in cooperation with Warner Bros. I’ve since purchased a few copies, not just for myself, but for fellow Friends fans I know. I’ll be honest and say, I haven’t made all the recipes in the book, but the ones I have made have been pretty easy and surprisingly good! Which is something, considering collaborations of this nature don’t often translate well. Has anyone tried the Gilmore Girls cookbook yet? What are your thoughts?

When I was making the Italian-Style Hot Chocolate recipe from the book last week; I saw a yummy cookie recipe right next to it and after looking at the short list of ingredients, I knew I had everything on hand. I like a good molasses cookie in the fall, so it was perfect for the mild weather we’ve been experiencing this week. The recipe even suggested enjoying them with your favorite latte. My espresso machine is currently on the fritz, so I took this recommendation liberally and ate a couple for breakfast with my pumpkin spiced coffee this morning!

One of the other great things about this recipe (aside from the short list of ingredients), was that it didn’t produce an astronomical amount of cookies. Just 18 big, flat ones. It’s the perfect amount for enjoying and giving away to friends without feeling like you’re gonna break the scale that week. Since we really like molasses, I added about half a tablespoon more than what was called for and it turned out just fine! I think I would maybe add more ginger next time, however.

These cookies are similar in flavor to the pepperkakor cookies I made last year, but the major difference here is texture. The gingersnaps are by nature crispy and use way more flour. This makes them rollable. This recipe makes a loose batter which spreads a bit more in baking, but still maintains nice round edges. Both are great; it’s entirely a matter of preference really.

These large, flat unassuming cookies have a mild, yet full-bodied flavor. They also maintain their chewiness through the next day. Yes, there were some left the next day! I typically dust molasses cookies with powdered sugar after they’ve cooled, but I felt that it wasn’t needed this time. These cookies would make a great addition to any coffee shop, buuuut I recommend quadrupling the batch because these will go fast.

What is your favorite fall cookie recipe?

Reading: Saveur Magazine, issue 179, December 2015


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