Shape Up

Daylight Savings Time is upon us and that means Spring isn’t too far away (hopefully)! This means all the bright, fresh, lighter food is emerging from hibernation. Spring and Summer is a time when we instinctively switch to a lighter diet. Here in Texas, it’s difficult to function in the heat after a heavy meal! This coming week (Spring Break for many) looks to have promising temps in the 60s. I’m most excited about this because it means long walks in the park in the afternoons with the Mr! I’m no health guru, but that is the best kind of exercise I can imagine!

Many years ago, when I used to subscribe to Shape magazine. I got hooked on their line of fitness DVDs which all came with a 4-menu meal plan inside the front cover. I always told myself it would be nice to tackle this meal plan one day and so, I am challenging myself to make a few of those recipes this week. I will be doing my best interpretation of the recipes (modifying slightly for time, budget, and taste), but I will not be doing the entire meal plan due to the sheer volume of food & calories prescribed. This meal plan is more suited to the super-active in my opinion; those getting a good, sweaty 60min a day of exercise.

Yesterday was day one and was the perfect day to start this challenge because Sunday is such a busy day for us and isn’t Monday always the day to “start a new thing”? I made a somewhat “deconstructed” take on their Tuna-Nectarine Kabobs. Curious about what a “deconstructed” dish means? PopSugar has a great blurb on it here. Instead of “kabobing,” I marinated the tuna steaks whole in a mixture of teriyaki sauce, sweet Thai chili sauce, salt & pepper, and a sprinkling of worcestershire sauce, turmeric, and dried lemon peel.

Instead of nectarine chunks (I couldn’t find them at the market yet), I nestled a few frozen peach slices around and in between the steaks. I let this marinate in the fridge for 5 hours. We placed the entire contents of the dish in a pan over medium heat (being careful to get a good sear on each side) and seared them off for no longer than 5min total. (When cooking tuna steaks, it’s ok to sear the outside and keep them pink in the center. It’s actually preferable and more flavorful.) We finished them with toasted sesame seeds. I served the tuna steaks with their recommended saffron rice & black beans and a side salad of Marketside Super Blend.

The entire meal plan can be found here as “The Cellulite Solution” meal plan. My copy is titled “Shape Bikini Body Meal Plan”; but the menu, ingredients and portions are the same.

Healthy or not, what’s your favorite Asian-style food?


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